Cases on research support services in academic libraries

Cases on research support services in academic libraries is an international overview of research support services in academic libraries.  With a comprehensive international focus, it brings together the experience of thirteen university libraries from four continents including those in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, and China.

Each case study is a window into a particular approach to science in a country, a university, and a library and they show how similar and different the research support services can be. The book offers a wide range of topics such as library services, data management, and open science. It is targeted at librarians, academicians, professionals, researchers, and students.  

The particular conditions in which we live make this book particularly relevant. Today, the value of science stands out and universities are playing a key role in achieving a solution to the pandemic.  Research support services in academic libraries are a key factor for success.

Fernández-Marcial, Viviana; González-Solar, Llarina
 (2021). Cases on research support services in academic libraries. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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